Friday, 30 March 2012

Krishna the invincible. Mahabharata 122

Satyaki after informing Krishna about the plot, walks towards  Dhritarashtra and Vidhura and tells them, 'Your sons are thinking of adharma and are to be censured. With their vile mind they have resolved to capture Krishna and tie him up. But your boys should know that it is like trying to tie fire in a cloth!'

Krishna adds, 'Maharaja, it seems  your sons want to do it out of anger! Let us see who ties up whom! Anyway I will not stoop so low. In case they really attempt it out of  their selfishness, they will only play into Yudhisthira's hands. I have nothing more to add.  Let Duryodhana do what he likes!'

Dhritharashtra again sends for Duryodhana and rebukes him for befriending wrong people and trying impossible things which will give him a bad name! Asks him not to act stupid and cautions him, 'You want to capture Krishna? Even Indra and other devatas cannot do this. It is like trying to touch the moon, grab air in your fist or carry earth on your head!'  Vidhura supports his brother and narrates the many miracles Krishna has performed so far! Krishna taunts Duryodhana with a loud laugh, 'You think I am alone here and it is possible for you to tie me up! Pandavas, Andhakas, Vrishnis, Rudhras and Vasus are all here!' 

 And suddenly devatas, thumb sized, spark out from his body. On his forehead Brahma and Rudra are seen. Dhikpalakas, the guardians of the world from his shoulders and Agni from his mouth.  Adityas, Sadhyas, Vasus, Maruts, Vishwadevatas, Yakshas, Gandharvas and Rakshasas are all seen on his biceps and arms!  On his back are  Balarama, Arjuna, Bheema, Nakula and Sahadeva and many more Vrishnis. Weapons such as Shanka, Chakra. Gadha (Mace), Shakti (Missile) and many more  arrive in front of Krishna. Flames spew out from his eyes, nose and ears. Pores of his skin blaze like the sun. Except Bheeshma, Vidhura and Sanjaya, the rest unable to bear this vision, close their eyes. Krishna assumes his normal form and goes out of the Sabha with Kritavarma and Satyaki.

Udyoga parva, so far, was more or less about human transanctions. But it seems we cannot be without miracles and mystery for too long!

We hear the list of weapons enumerated in some of our prayers, as we invoke the blessings of god. I never did pay much attention to it. But obviously being prepared was essential those days. So it is even now! Makes sense we invoke god along with his powerful weapons!

Author Kamala has some interesting additions to the story: 'His aspect was terrible. It looked as though death, which has no shape, had now decided to take shape and reveal to the world her dread form. No one had the power to look on this unique spectacle...........Then happened a miracle. The kind Dhritarashtra who was blind, was now granted eyes to see Krishna. He was looking and still looking. He had the great  good fortune of seeing  the lord when his eyes opened.

Heavenly music could be heard everywhere. Flowers rained incessantly. Dhritarashtra looked at Krishna. Tears ran down his aged cheeks. He prayed to Krishna. He said: ' You are the lord of this earth. I have been able to see you.  Having seen you, I do not want to see anything else. Please take away this sight from me. I do not want it.'  Krishna granted him his wish.

Intriguing story. The blind Dhritarashtra, who was born blind,  had never seen anyone of his family, especially his wife and his sons, let alone others, chooses to go blind again!


Raghunath said...

Must have been a great sight!!

srinidhi said...

Depends on whether one could see! Most closed their eyes!