Sunday, 25 March 2012

Krishna talks to Duryodhana directly. Mahabharata 119

By making a direct appeal to Dhritharashtra to stop his children from waging a war, Krishna exposes the reality! Dhritharashtra's admission that it is for Duryodhana to decide, brings the true decision maker out in the open. Oftentimes people are set up to take the blame! It is tempting to comment on our present prime minister! He is in a unique situation. Yudhisthira in his qualities, but placed in a situation similar to Dhritharashtra! He has many admirable qualities, but the one which may finally help India to sort out its leadership problems would be his lack of pretense. We all know who the decision makers are and hopefully the buck will stop there!

Krishna turns to Duryodhana, 'Kurushresta! Listen to what I have to say! I am interested in the well being of you and your people! You are educated, well-behaved and endowed with good qualities. Such persons should not behave like ill-born,  evil minded, cruel and shameless persons! Virtuous people follow the path of dharma. We often see in you a behaviour  contrary to this. Adharma is dreadful and may rob you of your life. Give it up and move towards श्रेयस्, more praiseworthy actions. Make peace with Pandavas. It is also the desire of your father and Bheeshma, Drona and others. This action will bring joy to your friends, relatives and the world. As a knowledgeable person you know  that abiding by the wishes of your parents will bring you fame. If not, you will regret it later. For your protectionon, you are depending  on men who are ill-behaved, ignorant and incompetent. While, even if you have been ill-treating your relatives they are not upset. After all you are one family. Instead of being angry with them, if  you try to win them over, your desires will be fulfilled. At the present you are enjoying the kingdoms they won, but are seeking help from others against them. The people you are depending upon, be it Karna, Sakuna or others are no match to the pandavas in dharma, knowledge or in valour. These kings, including Bheeshma and Drona cannot defeat Bheema and Arjuna.' 

'Duryodhana! What is the use in decimating your race? Let Kuruvasmsha survive! Why do you want to be disgraced as a destroyer of the family? They will want Dhritarashtra as the king and you be the yuvaraja! Do not reject this opportunity, give them half the kingdom and be happy forever!'

Bheeshama, Drona and Vidhura speak supporting a truce and Dhirtharashtra looks at his son and tells him, 'My dear son, the suggestion by Krishna Mahatma will ensure peace and security. Accept it and go with him to meet Yudhisthira. If you refuse to accept their offer, they have come on their own to seek peace, it may not augur well for you and you may loose.'


Anonymous said...

I like your comparison to the current PM.....
Wonder who the Shakuni is?

Rahunath said...

Look forward to the attack on Krishna!