Saturday, 17 March 2012

Draupadi says no to peace, wants a war! Mahabharata 114

Draupadi, as she hears Yudhisthira and especially Bheema advocating peace, is visibly upset!  She is then soothed by Sahadeva's stance against peace and develops greater respect for him.  Her eyes full of tears, addresses Krishna, 'Janardhana! If kauravas want truce without offering the kingdom, we definitely do not want it. They do not deserve any compassion. A greedy, covetous khsatriya should be killed by khsatriyas.'

'It is unfortunate that I keep repeating my question! Is there any other woman as unlucky as I am? For one, who is Drupada's daughter, Dhristadyumna's sister, your friend, king Pandu's daughter-in-law, queen of five pandavas, mother of great warriors, I had to bear appalling humiliations! They dragged me by my hair right in front of pandavas. They dared to call me a slave, when you, pandavas and panchalas are still living! Pandavas were mute spectators when I was being disgraced and I could only pray!'

'Finally, Dhritarashtra offered me a boon and I requested him to release pandavas from their slavery and give them back their weapons and chariots. They were relieved from slavery and sent to the forest. You know this! If Duryodhana is alive even for a second, there could only be contempt for Bheema's strength and Arjuna's bow. Krishna, if you want to be compassionate and  kind towards me, show total anger towards kauravas'.

She holds her long un-plaited hair in her left hand and asks Krishna 'As you talk about truce with our enemies, never forget this hair which was pulled by Dussasana. In case Bheema and Arjuna in their wretchedness and depression seek truce, my aged father and brother, my sons and Abhimanyu will fight.'

'How will this fire for revenge,  which is still burning  in my stomach be doused, if I am not avenged! I want to see Dussasana's arm, severed from his body, on the ground covered with dust. I have suffered  this fire, the last thirteen years, with a hope that one day it will all end. But Bheema's discourse on dharma has pierced my heart as if by a spear.' Unable to contain her grief Draupadi breaks down sobbing.

Krishna consoles her, 'Krishne, You will see the wives of the men who are responsible for this wrath in you, cry the same way, after they loose their nears and dears. I will get this done by the pandavas! Let the Himalayas shake, let the earth split into a thousand pieces, let the stars fall from the sky if my words do not become the truth. I  give this promise to you Krishne! Very soon, your husbands will kill their enemies and you will see them get back their position and wealth. Please wipe your tears!

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Raghunath said...

Despite knowing the inevitable, even Krishna (the lord!) has to follow the system and cannot advise unilateral declaration of war.

That is the beauty of Mahabharata.