Thursday, 15 March 2012

Arjuna leaves it to Krishna, Nakula is hopeful but Sahadeva wants a war! Mahabharata 113

Arjuna feels confident that Krishna will be able to convince the kauravas. Though he is all for punishing the evil kauravas for what they did to Draupadi, he leaves it to Krishna. ' Krishna you said that human effort may not succeed and at the same time we cannot be without human effort! It seems both are right.  Anyway, truce or whatever you decide is acceptable. If you think it is best to kill them, make it happen soon. I do not think that they will  behave well with us. So please decide what is good and is right for us and we will go accordingly.'

Krishna clarifies, 'The world is dependent on both human effort and the will of god. The farmer can till the land and fertilise it, but there will be no yield unless there is rain. Even if  we irrigate the land, the crops may go dry if it is so decided by gods or you may not find water. I will try my best, but the almighty is not in my control. Duryodhana is ill-natured. He has no need for truth, dharma. His friends only encourage his foolishness. I do not think he will change and yield. I am not very hopeful. I will try to do what pleases Yudhisthira and what I understand is fair. Have faith  in me and do not have doubts!'

Nakula also believes that a visit of Krishna to meet kauravas will yield results. He says times have changed and the fact that many kings and a large army is already with them increases his desire for a kingdom. He is confident that Bheeshma and Drona will understand what Krishna means and will convince Dritharashtra and Duryodhana to accept. 

Sahadeva has an opposite view. While he agrees that his elder brother  Yudhisthira is right, he wants Krishna to push for a war! 'Even if kauravas propose peace, see that  we fight a war. How can we keep quiet after  the way Draupadi was treated by them? Bheema and Arjuna may want peace, but  I want war!.

Satyaki supports Sahadeva's opinion and says it is what the warriors prefer and the warriors who have thronged there show their approval with a resounding सिंहनाद lions roar.

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