Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Bheeshma is upset as Duryodhana makes an abrupt exit from the sabha. Mahabharata 121

Bheeshma is upset and is worried at the lack of  courtesy by Duryodhana, 'Intolerably proud, ill-natured Prince walks out enslaved by his anger and greed! His obedient brothers and ministers follow him. It seems the time for khsatriyas destruction has come!'  Krishna hears this and turns towards the elders of the kurus to suggest, 'It was a mistake to have tolerated him from the begining. It was same with Kamsa, hence his relatives and friends abandoned him. I killed him in the interest of others! Now, the Vrishnis and Andhakas are safe and happy. In the same manner, if you keep Duryodhana in captivity and make peace with pandavas, the extinction of khsatriyas will be avoided.'

Dritharashtra on hearing this advice, is frightened and sends Vidhura to bring his wife Gandhari to the sabha. She sends for her son and advises him to give up his enmity and make peace with pandavas, 'War is not good! It does not lead you towards dharma and success in your aims. There is no guarantee of a victory. You are also depending on Bheeshma and Drona, they may be obligated to fight on your side, but they are with both! They will not reject Yudhisthira. Listen to the elders and share the kingdom with pandavas and rule in peace. Your greed will not fetch you wealth!'

His mother's word does not please Duryodhana and he immediately walks out of the Sabha and conferring  with his ministers decides, 'Before Krishna succeeds in getting me arrested, let us capture him. Once it is known he is captured,  pandavas, like the snake whose teeth are pulled out, will become incompetent and will loose enthusiasm. Their efforts will diminish.'

Satyaki gets to know Duryodhana's plans, calls out Kritavarma and asks him to keep his troops ready and near the door and goes into the sabha to inform Krishna.

The events tell us more about the times. The lack of respect for the elderly. A father's weakness and mother's inability to influence her own son. Interestingly the story of Krishna killing his evil uncle is given as an example of how evil can be averted if it is nipped in the bud.

Yudhisthira claimed to be a true khsatriya.  The qualities of a  Khsatriya were well known those days. The story of  Rama, the ideal Khsatriya had already been told! Surely Duryodhana would have heard the story of Rama, the ideal Khsatriya! Obviously Rama was not his role model.

Probably an anthropologist would term khsatriyas as the alpha humans of those times! Wonder who are the modern day khsatriyas? Just imagine! In today's India, chief of the armed forces is a woman and India is in fact run by a woman and there are more administering the various states! Could we call them khsatriya women!


Raghunath said...

In a way all this was play acting. Krishna was sagacious to anticipate the events. He had a job to do, which he did. "Vinasha kale'vipareetha buddhi"

Todays Kshatritas are the politicians. Of course we have Kshatriyanis Mamta, Jaya etc.

There are so many Kamsas nowadays that one Krishna may not suffice!


srinidhi said...

Agreed! Does it mean that the original khsatriyas, like the reddys, nairs and nadars, (gowdas!) have gravitated into politics
or Politicians are the new khsatriyas!
I was interested to know how many original k's have got into politics.
Must be a big number!

Raghunath said...

Add Marathas and Thakurs you get an explosive mix that took over country after the British and have been ruling the roost.

While a Brahmin could adopt Dalits these would not. Hence, what was meant for 10 years (reservation) has become perpetual.