Sunday, 11 March 2012

Krishna proposes to meet kauravas and try for peace.Mahabharata 110

It is morning and the kauravas congregate at the sabha to hear the message that Sanjaya has brought. Bheeshma and Drona arrive along with Dhirtarashtra; Karna and Sakuni follow Duryodhana as he enters. Sanjaya arrives and directed by Dhritarashtra recounts the conversation he had with Yudhisthira and the words spoken by Krishna. Dhritarashtra also wants to know what Arjuna had to say.  Sanjaya quotes Arjuna, 'Sanjaya, convey my respectful salutations to Bheshma, Dhirtarashtra and others. Tell Duryodhana ,when he is in the midst of the kings who have joined him, that they would all die scorched by the anger of pandavas and he can  avoid this narayagna (Human sacrifice!) by giving Yudhisthira his due share of the kingdom'

Worried and scared, Dhritarashtra suggests a compromise and Bheeshma supports it. But Duryodhana does not agree and tells his father that even if Bheeshma and others give up, he would fight with the support of Karna and Dussashana, asserting that he would surely win.

Meanwhile at the opposing camp, Yudhisthira confides with Krishna 'Did you realise Dritharashtra and his son's intentions?  It is very clear that they want peace but do not want to give us back our kingdom! I am in a bad situation, unable to take care of my mother and other dependents. But Duryodhana will not part with even five villages! ' 

'A man without money is less than a corpse. It is easier if born poor, but having become poor by loosing wealth it is more difficult. It is better to die trying to regain our lost wealth than keeping quiet. If we fail with our peaceful attempts, we are forced to kill and regain our kingdom. I know it is evil to kill your own family members, but it seems there is no other choice.'

'Khastriya dharma is such. We are often constrained to kill so as to exist. Then there is more killing to avenge this killing, war is thus very evil. The defeated hate the victorious, brood and plot revenge. Hate begets more hate. Only those who follow the path of peace can sleep in peace. But we cannot give up as that will be like death. We must find a way of achieving our purpose without war and without giving it up.'

Krishna responds with, 'My idea of going to meet the kauravas is to help you both! It is best if  we can achieve our purpose with peaceful methods. It will save you, them and the world from the grip of death'.

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