Friday, 2 March 2012

Drupada's emissary, a brahmin priest, addresses the kauravas. Mahabharta 107

Drupada's emissary comes to the point directly , 'The chiefs assembled here are well aware of Rajadharma. Hence I am just going through the formality of presenting the facts already known. Dhritharashtra and Pandu are sons of one father and have equal rights to their father's property. But Pandavas did not get their due share. You know the reason why! Moreover there were attempts to kill them and luckily blessed with long lives they survived. Later pandavas built a kingdom on their own and  also expanded it. Kauravas took it away from them by cheating them and Pandavas had to do twelve years of vanavasa and spend an year incognito as menials in Viratanagara. Even if they underwent great difficulties, they still want to deal with kauravas peacefully. They do not want a war. If Duryodhana thinks that he is stronger, the assembled nobles should convince him that he is mistaken. Yudhisthira has seven akshohinis in his army. It may be that you have eleven akshohinis, but one Arjuna is more that equal to all of  them put together, in addition he has the support of very intelligent krishna to support him. All those assembled here should ensure that pandavas are given back their kingdom; do not miss this opportunity for peace.'

Bheeshma agrees with the emissary 'Whatever you say is right. As a brahmin you have spoken frankly and bluntly. Pandavas have suffered a lot! They must regain their kingdom. Arjuna is surely an expert in the use of weapons. Who is capable of defeating Arjuna?..

Even before Bheeshma completes his talk Karna, very angry, looks at Duryodhana and interrupts Bheeshma and accosts the brahmin 'Hey Brahmin! You spoke things which are known to all beings. What is the point of repeating the same things again and again. Having lost, Yudhisthira went to the forest as per the agreement. But he is not honoring the agreement now when he asks for the kingdom. Duryodhana will not give away even a foot of the land on a threat. If it is right he will give away the whole kingdom. If Yudhisthira wants the kingdom, he has to first complete another twelve years in the forest. He can then come and settle here. What he is seeking is not dharma and if  he wants to forsake dharma and is ready for a war, let him fight with us and learn his lessons.'

Bheeshma is totally angered by Karna's behaviour and his posturing. 'Radheya, what is the use of your idle talk. Have you forgotten what happened to you in the recent conflict wiht Arujuna. If we do not listen to this brahmin and decide go to war, it is certain that we will all be dead and our bodies will be strewn around in the mud!.

Dhirtharashtra interevenes, pacifies Bheeshma and silences Karna with 'Bheeshma has the right advice which is in the interest of pandavas, us and the world! I will think about it and will depute Sanjaya to meet the pandavas and convey my thoughts to them.' He then sends back the brahmin emissary with due honors and sends for Sanjaya.

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