Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Krishna advises Yudhisthira. Mahabharata 111

Yudhisthira is not too comfortable that Krishna plans to meet the kauravas. 'However right your words,  Duryodhana is not the one to accept them! In addition, he is surrounded by a clique of kings supporting him. If anything happens to you, whatever the outcome  later, it is not worth it.'

Krishna replies, 'I know Duryodhana's true nature, but if I do not go, we will be blamed for not trying. If in case he acts rashly, I am confident of destroying all of them. There will be a benefit from my visit. We will not be reproached in the future.'  Yudhisthira then yeilds to Krishna, 'You are our elder brother and a friend. I wish you a very safe journey. You know us and the kauravs very well. I hope there will be peace and good feelings between us with your effort.'

Krishna is candid with Yudhisthira, 'I heard Sanjaya speak and you as well! I have a clear idea of the opinions and the purpose on both sides. Yudhisthira you possess धर्मबुद्धि, a virtuous mind, while kauravas have a hostile temperament. You are content with whatever is given without a waging a war.'

'But a khsatriya should not beg. He should defeat his enemies or die fighting. The  prescribed dharma  for a khsatriya is to fight and not being weak! Kauravas are greedy, they have been consolidating their forces for a long time. Will they ever treat you like an equal? They think that they are very strong, hence your soft nature will make them act even tougher. They will not accede to your request, as  compassion, dharma, poverty or wealth, none influences them.'

'They inflicted unwarranted difficulties on you, do they show any remorse? Any shame? Do not think of morality and good conduct, only think of destroying them! They insulted you in a packed assembly of kings.  For a nobleman, death is preferable to such insults. Killing them, is like getting rid of the snakes, it will make this world safer.'

'There are people who are not fully in favor of Duryodhana. Hence my extolling your virtues and exposing his shortcomings in the open assembly will dispel the slight belief they have in his fairness and increase their respect for you. If they reject your plea for peace the world will only blame them. Keeping your interest in mind, I will try for peace. Let us see what they say and what they actually do! I will also see the extent of their preparations.'

' Finally, I am in favour of a war. I suggest you start preparing for a war by collecting soldiers, arms and armours.'

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