Friday, 14 September 2018

Mahabharata blogs abridged and condensed into a 120 page Book

Hope those who read my blogs would be happy to see Mahabharata in a book form. While the blogs were more about my reactions, in the book the story takes a precedence. It is perhaps the shortest version of the great epic. Annexes in the end tries to give you a flavor of my blog.

One discovers something new in every reading of the epics. While  tempted to down play the miracles initially, as the story develops we learn to accept it as part of human psyche! The horrific wars of the Yadavas, soon after the Mahabharata war, and the perpetual wars thereafter, right down to to the two world wars prove that Violence is inescapable for us Homo-Sapiens. We seem to revel in it.  We have found ways to overlook the messages of peace every religion proclaims. Hopefully technology may help us to seek less destructive ways. But so far nothing much has really changed. Things go on as usual!

(If you like, I can email you the PDF format of the book. Just place a request as a comment with your email. Thanks)



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