Monday, 2 April 2012

Krishna meets Kunti. Mahabharata 123

 Krishna walks out of the sabha after his spectacular display, which  only a chosen few mortals could bear to see, climbs the chariot!  Dhritarashtra walks up to Krishna and tries to placate him, 'Janardhana! You have seen the extent of my control over my children. Every one knows that I have been advocating and trying my best for a truce with the pandavas.'  Krishna turns his gaze towards Bheeshma and Drona, 'You have seen what transpired at the court of Kauravas! You also saw how the ignorant and ill-mannered (Duryodhana) left the sabha in anger a number of times. Now Dhritarashtra says he is helpless!' With that Krishna seeks persmission of the elders and proceeds to meet Kunti.

He arrives and  prostartes to Kunti. Tells her what happened at the sabha,  and as he leaves asks, 'Aunt!  I must leave and meet pandavas as early as possible. What shall I tell the pandavas?'
 Kunti replies, "Keshava! Ask Yudhisthira to follow kshatriya dharma. Tell him, 'The path you have chosen is not the one neither your father or grandfather would choose. Fight according to Rajadharma. Do not push your forefathers towards degradation and thus you and brothers reap क्षीणपुण्य (low merit!) and face misfortune.' Remind him that 'Your mother has to depend on others for a handful of rice and that your wife is still suffering because of the dis-respect she was shown!' Tell him the story of how a defeated Sanjaya was encouraged by his mother Vipula to fight again. Take care of the boys, let your travel be comfortable."

The story goes back to mortal levels after the 'Darshana' of Lord Krishna. It is now mother Kunti in the picture. Gandhari, whatever her reasons; it could be fair play for her nephews or the concern for her own children, had advocated truce. Kunti does not speak of truce, probably she realises that it is not going to happen after she learns about events in the sabha. She preaches war!

It seems obvious that women were always in the picture. Draupadi was very vocal and decisive when she spoke to Krishna before he went to Hastinapura looking for peace. (Some would say ostensibly!). So is Kunti when she sends a message to her sons. One can only wonder why Gandhari failed to inflence her son!

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Raghunath said...

Vinasha Kale viparitha buddhi in the case of Duryodhana. On second thoughts he was created for this outcome.

Looking forward to Kunti's foray on behalf of the 5 Pandavas