Monday, 30 April 2012

Third day of the war. Mahabharata 138

On the third day of the war, Bheeshma chooses the eagle formation and  stations himself at the beak. Pandavas answer with a half moon formation! Initially Arjuna has the upper hand and the kauravas retreat. Duryodhana, upset approaches Bheeshma and criticises him, 'Grandfather, being partial to pandavas, you and drona are not fighting enough considering your abilities.'  This angers Bheeshma 'Hey! I told you a number of times, for your own good, that pandavas are unbeatable! That is the truth! I am doing  as  best as I can as an old man!'  But stung by the remark he stands firm and manages to scatter the pandava army. Arjuna confronts his grandfather but is unable to shake him. Bheeshma continues to shower arrows and pick the pandava soldiers at will and kill them.

Krishna sees this and thinks that Arjuna, forgetting his duty is acting soft in spite of loosing so many of his men, decides to kill Bheeshma and reduce the burden on pandavas. He walks towards Bheeshma with his chakra in readiness. Bheeshma  seeing this, welcomes him, 'It is an honor to be defeated by you. If you kill me I am ensured of a place beyond'. Arjuna jumps out of the chariot, tries to stop Krishna by holding his arms, but Krishna does not stop and drags him  along like a Storm dragging the trees in its path. Then Arjuna holds on to Krishna's legs, but is not able to stop him for another ten steps. Finally Krishna stops and Arjuna pleads with him, 'Do not be angry Krishna! If you forsake us, who is there for us! I take a vow in the name of my brothers and children. I will not hold back. I will destroy the kauravs'. Krishna is satisfied with this promise and returns to the chariot still holding his weapon is readiness. He blows on his conch 'Panchajanya'. There is an immediate difference in Arjuna and his arrows fill the air in all directions and the day belongs to Arjuna. As Bheeshma, Drona, Duryodhana and others retreat unable to face this barrage of arrows, the sun sets and the war is stopped. 


Raghunath said...

This was an interesting episode showing the human qualities of Krishna Avatara


Anonymous said...

If only a swordsman can fight another swordsman & so on... How can behest a sitting in a chariot kill soldiers on foot and not his equal?
Socialism does not work in war!

srinidhi said...

Good point! It pleases me that you are keeping track! Regards!

Riya Sharma said...

Very nice I like a lot of these topics, it was part of my area.
Nice blog…thanks for sharing…its very interesting