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The slaying of Bakasura..Visiting Mahabharata 36-- 2011

This story delighted us kids no end. We used to call a greedy eater a 'Bakasura!'
No surprise I chose 'A child's view' here.
With heavy hearts the Pandavas journeyed from their idyll in the forest to the nearest city Ekachakrapura. The city was sad, silent and mysterious. One day Kunthi finds the reason for the whole city's sorrow.
 A demon called Bakasura appeared out of nowhere and started devouring the people. The king and noblemen fled to save their own lives! The people reach an agreement with the demon and agree to send a man every day with a cart full of food pulled by two buffaloes. Later just the empty cart is returned without the man or the buffaloes!
Kunthi offers to send one of her sons in place of the person whose turn it was to go! Bhima volunteers, the other brothers agree after an initial protest and Bhima is on his way the next morning. Hungry, Bhima ate with relish the food which was meant for Bakasura. (This part of the story was thrilling and fun!)
Anyway they fight, Bakasura raining trees, stones and other hard materials at Bhima. Finally Bhima seized Bakasura and flung him down with a great force that Bakasura's back was broken. He died instantly.
Bhima returns to the city and is received by the joyful citizens. The Pandavas do not accept any reward and say 'Don't say a word about our comings and goings. This will be the best reward for us.'

Samhita's sketches:
                                                                                            Bakasura, an ugly creature!

Bhima on his way to meet Bakasura.

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