Saturday, 17 September 2011

Revisiting Mahabharata Bhima and Hidimbi...33 (2011)

A diversion for the Pandavas as they try to settle in the deep forests. Largely Samhita's version.

Hidimba a Rakshasa saw the Pandavas hunting. Craving to drink blood and eat human flesh, asks his sister to locate them. She does easily and the moment Hidhimbi saw Bhima she fell in love with him.
As Hidimbi does not return her brother goes looking for her and finds that Hidimbi has transformed herself into a beautiful young woman. He realises instantly that she has fallen in love with Bhima and is angry.

Fearing for Pandavas she offers to take them on her back to safety. But they refuse. Bhima and Hidimba have a tough and ferocious fight which Bhima won and killed Hidimba... Soon Bhima and Hidimbi got married.... She proved to be useful, knowing how to make tasty food out of roots and plants... She was also very strong and could carry all the five Pandavas and their mother at the same time. She used to guard the Panadavas while they slept....Sometime later, Hidimbi gave birth to a son called Gatotkacha... Soon it was time for Pandavas to  move on..Sadly, Hidimbi assumed the role of the ruler of the forest. Gatotkacha promised his father the if ever needed him, Bhima had to just think of him and he would be there... 
 Hidimbi and Hidimba
Bhima and Hidimba. Sketches from Samhita!
(A story and we used to love it as kids. Seems not all she-demons are bad! Why she could even cook tasty food! )

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N L Sriram said...

KM Munshi's Krishnavatara (serialized in Bhavan's Journal when I was in middle and high school) was very interesting reading, as it brought out the epic from various angles - The Book of Bheema goes into a lot of details about his various wives, and indicates the geographical locations where the so called Rakshasas and Nagas might have lived.