Saturday, 17 September 2011

Revisiting Mahabharata in 2011. ...32 News reaches Hastinapura

The people saw the seven burnt bodies and their wrath was great. But they were happy to see that Purochana was punished for his sinfulness.Vidura gets the news of the escape of Pandavas through his network and is happy.
The people of Hastinapura were sunk in despair. Hearing the news the wily Dhritarashtra pretended to be grief stricken. He ordered the treasurer to distribute wealth and clothing to the poor. Vidura later touched at the grief of Bheeshama told him the entire story and said no harm can come to the Pandavas. Bheeshma applauded Vidura for his wisdom and his farsightedness.

The old king and his sons were now happy. They felt that their days of worry were at an end.

(Just imagine how it would have been today!)

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