Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Yudhisthira has many questions! MB blog 185

Yudhisthira has many more questions!
'What do we do, if with the passage of time dharma declines and we are attacked by enemies and thieves?

If dharma totally declines and there is drought, What should the brahmins do and the king do?

If one loses his wealth, parents, his wife and children, how should one bear such a loss with wisdom?

As time passes and all are pulled towards death, what is the best way to behave?

How do the rich and the poor experience happiness and sadness. What are their characteristics? 

Inspite of  the best efforts there is no money, but desires are never ending, what should one do to be happy?

What is the way to be without worries and and attain a happy state of mind?

What should a man hold on to? Is it karma or wealth or wisdom to discriminate?

How was this world created, the animate and the inanimate?

What is the difference between Sankhya and Yoga?

While the few who are with me think about these questions, I let it rest for a while!

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