Saturday, 18 August 2012

It is the turn of Nakula, Sahadev and Draupadi to express themselves. Mahabharata 179

Nakula has this to say, 'Mahraja! One who creates wealth by the right means and performs yaga and yagna with his wealth is a true tyagi. (one who sacrifices!). Of the four stages of man, the state of a married man   (गृहस्थाश्रम),  the pundits say, is equal to the other three combined! Both the here and the hereafter are within your reach. If one foolishly leaves home to live in the forest and allows desire to overtake him, he will only die as a hypocrite. So, I feel it is better you follow the dharma as a householder.'

, 'Maharaja! Just by giving up your possessions, you will not attain bliss. You may or may not attain perfection by giving up your desire and anger within you! But, you will be happy by ruling the kingdom without self-interest. It is also dharma. If you go and live in the forest, it is possible that you may keep thinking of things which you gave up, this state of mind will result only in death. I do not know if I am right! But, I have told you what I feel with utmost devotion.'

Yudhisthira does not react to the opinions expressed by his brothers in their attempt to change his
 mind. Draupadi  then looks at her quiet husband, "Maharaja! Your brothers are eagerly waiting 
for your reply. Make them happy with a suitable reply. While we were in Dvaithavana, looking 
at the difficult time they had in the forest, constantly facing rains, wind and the hot sun, you 
had said, 'We will kill Duryodhna  and his warriors, get our kingdom back and enjoy its wealth. 
While you are now suffering in our vanavasa, good times are waiting for us!'  Why are you hurting
 us now?' 

'Kauravas gave up dharma and turned wicked. There was no sin in killing them! You did 
not get the kingdom easily. It was not gifted to you! You fought heroes like Drona, Kripa 
and Karna and killed them to achieve this. What is wrong in enjoying such an achievement? 
Your brothers, strong  like the elephants and bulls, are like the devatas. Look at them and 
feel happy, and make them happy. Stop worrying, rule the kingdom with  dharma.'

As I keep at it, Shantiparva reminds me of the panel discussions on TV channels. The discussions 

go on endlessly! Only reason it is stopped is to make room for the advertisements! Anyway Draupadi 
has spoken and Yudhisthira now has to decide or take a call, as it is said in to-days lingo!

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