Tuesday, 19 June 2012

A gruesome end for Dussasana. Mahabharata 160

Krishna pushes towards Karna and Bheema follows in support! The war enters a very fierce phase, the men fight in a frenzy, rush against each other and use a variety of weapons to impale their opponents. Horses and elephants rush headlong towards each other and fall due to the impact! In this melee Dussasana appears in front of Bheema. Bheema rushes towards him and leaps on him like a lion. They both fight full of pent up rage. It was as if Indra and Sambhara are fighting!

Bheema gloats. 'Dussasana! It is lucky that I saw you today. Come, I will return your debt with full interest!'  Bheema then breaks Dussasana's bow and cuts his charioteer. Dussasana in repy kills Bheema's charioteer, horses and even breaks the yoke of the chariot. Bheema jumps down and smashes Dussasana's horses to death with his mace and shakes the chariot and Dussasana gets down and hits Bheema on his chest with his javelin. Bheema who has been haunted by memories the last thirteen years strikes Dussasana with his mace and knocks him down. As he remembers the indignities suffered by Draupadi, his anger goes out of control like the fire which flares up when ghee is added to it. He stares at Duryodhana, Karna, Kripa and Ashwatthama and Krithvarma and challenges them, 'Here, I am about the kill the evil Dussasana, let the brave warriors come and rescue him.' 

Bheema then steps on Dussasana's throat and taunts him to say 'cow! cow!' and  scoops his heart out and drinks the hot blood that spurts out with a great show of relishing it! 'This blood tastes better than milk, honey, cane sugar, curds and mothers milk'. He is unable to do anything more as Dussasana dies. A few who see this spectacle faint and others drop their weapons. Many run away in fear screaming, 'He is not human'. In a flash the fierce battle comes to a halt and silence pervades the battle field.


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Shivashankar. R said...

Shd it not be DUSHYASANA, I could be 100 % wrong ?? RS