Sunday, 24 June 2012

Bheema defeats Duryodhana. Mahabharata 165

Krishna is worried about the outcome of a combat between Duryodhana and Bheema. He thinks that there is no way Bheema can win in a fair fight as Duryodhana has better skills. But, Bheema is confident! He tells Krishna not to worry. 'I will surely kill Suyodhana. My club is longer and heavier and I will fight with it. You all can watch me!'

Bheema then  looks at Duryodhana, standing like a lone elephant separated from its herd and challenges him, 'Duryodhana! It is time for you to recall all the harm you and your father did to us. Remember the disgrace Draupadi had to go through because of you. It is time  for  you  to pay for your evil deeds! I have killed all your brothers, only you are left. I will kill you also with my club! Come on!' Duryodhana retorts, 'Vrukodhara! There is no point in praising yourself. I will fulfil your desire for a fight. Don't you know that I have greater skills than you! Don't thunder like a cloud without rain! Show your powers in a fight!'

Meanwhile, they have a surprise visitor. Balarama returns from his pilgrimage.  And he hears about the impending war between his two students and comes there directly. Both Bheema and Duryodhana were his disciples. After being honoured by everyone and polite enquiries are made about each others well being, he takes a seat along with others to watch the contest.

Both fight like two intoxicated elephants. They both exhibit great versatality and skill. They avoid each others blows. If they get hit, they recover quickly! They keep fighting for a long time. Krishna speaks to Arjuna, 'Bheema has taken a vow to break Duryodhana's thigh. He must fulfil his vow. It will not happen if he depends only on his power and fights in a just manner. A cheat should be defeated only by deceitful means, if not Yudhisthira will be in difficulties. One who has lost everything and is fighting for his life will fight extremely well as he has nothing to lose, but everything to gain. It is very difficult to defeat such warriors! Hence, if Bheema does not kill him, even if by unfair means, it is certain that a kaurava will be our king again.'

Arjuna realising the gravity of the situation, catches the eye of Bheema and touches his left thigh. Bheema understands, he starts moving in circular, doubling back and forward, zig-zag and many different ways to confuse Duryodhana. Duryodhana does not get carried away by his moves and waits for a chance to hit Bheema. Once Bheema faints with the blow he receives, but Duryodhana thinks that Bheema has taken a pause to change his tactics and Bheema recovers quickly. As they keep fighting, Duryodhana once jumps to avoid a blow and Bheema aims his club at Duryodhana's thigh and breaks it and Duryodhana falls.

 Duryodhana falls, like a huge tree falling! Bheema goes near him, 'Wicked man! You called the scantily clad Krishne a cow in midst of the sabha and made fun of her. Enjoy now the fruits of your action!' and kicks his head with his left foot. 


Raghunath said...

I didn't know it was Arjuna who signaled the thigh, i thought it was Krishna!

This day was also the start of Kaliyuga.

One spelling mistake'loose'instead of lose.


srinidhi said...

Thanks for the spelling correction!
You could also be right. Even I thought that it was Krishna.

Anand Shankar said...

Duryodhana broke his thighs accidentally. Bhima hurled his mace and Duryodhna jumped to avoid the blow. Both actions happened at the same time. Had Duryodhna not jumped, Bhima's mace would have fell on Duryodhana's chest or belly. Bhima's mace was going to hit the middle of Duryodhana's body, but Duryodhana couldn't judge it correctly. He thought that the mace will hit the lower part of his body. So he jumped to avoid it.

santosh janakiraman said...

In the version that I read, the rule of mace fight that one should not be hit below the waist, but during the fight, Duryodhana did a somersault. During that instant thighs were technically above the waist and hence it was not against the rules to attack the thighs. Therefore, Bhima used this opportunity to attach his thigh and thereby not breaking any rule.