Friday, 24 February 2012

ऊद्योग parva. Strenuous continuous endeavour. Mahabharata 102

After Abimanyu's wedding, leaders who sided with the pandavas congregate at Virata's sabha.  Attending the meeting are Pandavas and their children, Drupada, Virata, Balarama, Krishna, Satyaki and many more. Krishna addresses them, 'Pandavas have fulfilled their vows. We now have to  think what is right for them and Duryodhana. Yudhisthira will not accept anything which is not according to dharma. If it is not as per dharma, even if the kingdom of devatas is offered to him, he will reject it. Also, he will be happy to accept just one village, if it is what dharma sanctions. All of you are aware how he was cheated out of his heritage and had to face a lot of difficulties. It is not that they defeated Arjuna in a war. Pandavas are happy if kauravas give them whatever they had earlier won on their own in a battle. But kauravas are only intent on killing pandavas and keeping everything for themselves. We have to consider all this. If kauravs do not play fair, pandavas though smaller in number, will surely seek help from their well wishers and fight. We do not know what Duryodhana's thoughts are, we can act only after veryfying this. I suggest we depute an able emissary who will convey to the kauravas that we expect that half the kingdom will be given to the pandavas.

Balarama endorses this and hopes that they will agree and there will be peace. He adds that it was not entirely Sakuni's doing as Yudhisthira need not have gambled when things went wrong, but persisted. Thus Balarama  advocates being polite in their approach. Saatyaki does not agree with Balarama and insists that Yudhisthira was cheated out of his kingdom. In addition as they have met the conditions imposed, they have a right to ask for the return of their kingdom and feels that there is no need to ask them in a polite manner. 'Begging from the enemies is not dharma! Let them give our half of the kingdom or choose to die in the battle field.'

Drupada too supports Satyaki 'Duryodhana is not the one to give away his kingdom just  because we use nice words and Dhriharashtra will never oppose his son. Bheeshma and Drona will support him because they are needy and Karna and Sakuni because they are foolish. Duryodhana will consider being soft is a weakness. We need to get ready for a war! Let us send  words to all the kings fast, Duryodhana would be doing the same. Traditionally the kings will join those who ask them first. My head priest is going to the assembly of kauravas. You can give him the message you want to convey to the kauravas.'

Krishna while agreeing with Drupada says 'Both kauravas and pandavas are related to us. You are elder to us, Dhritarashtra will respect your words, you are also a friend of Drona and Kripa, hence please decide what is best for pandavas and send words to kauravas. If kauravas follow the path of justice and peace, we can avoid the total destruction of brothers. If they act arrogant, please send words to all the kings and also to us. The foolish Duryodhana along with his brothers and ministers will be destroyed by Arjuna's anger.'

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