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Arjuna demonstrates his superiority. Mahabhrarata 98.

 While Bheeshma is busy instructing the warriors, Arjuna arrives and salutes Drona by shooting two arrows which just touch his feet and two more which fly past his ears, bringing a smile on his guru's face. Arjuna moves forward but is unable to spot Duryodhana in the formation and guesses that Duryodhana is with the soldiers who are seen leaving!

Arjuna asks Uttara to bypass the assembled kaurava army and turn the chariot towards Duryodhana 'Let me fight him and recover the cattle!' and moves forward. He begins to shower arrows and the sky becomes dark with them, then blows on the conch and the cattle begin to run in fear. Arjuna drives them back towards the city and follows Duryodhana. The other chiefs of the kurus block him. Arjuna then sees Karna and moves towards him, but Chitrasena, Shatrusaha and others  try come in the way and Arjuna uses his 'Sharaagni' and immolates them. Many young warriors confront Arjuna and are destroyed one by one. Finally he is face to face with Karna. Karna attacks him with the ferocity of a tiger and showers a dozen arrows at his horses and his charioteer. Arjuna replies by hitting Karna on his thigh, arms and neck with arrows. Karna unable to bear this onslaught retreats!

Kripa attacks next. Arjuna keeps destroying his bows but Kripa manages to replace them with new ones. Arjuna then kills the charioteer and demolishes the chariot, but Kripa responds by throwing a mace at Arjuna which rebounds back at him with the power of Arjuna's arrows. Soon Kripa looses his weapons and his chariot and his men rescue him and take him behind the lines.

Arjuna then guides his chariot towards Drona, salutes him and tells him that 'Please do not be angry, we have lived all these years thinking only of revenge. I cannot fight unless you begin the fight. Please do that for me!' Drona accordingly shoots an array of tweny arrows which are cut by Arjuna in the air. They continue the fight and their contest mesmerises the soldiers and many elephants and horses are injured by the arrows which cover the sky. Ashwattama intervenes in the contest and Drona retreats. While he is fighting with Ashwattama, Arjuna sees Karna approaching again and goes after him. There is also a war of words as they fight, they throw insults at each other as they shoot arrows. In the end Karna is unable to bear the pain as arrows begin to pierce his armour, gives up the fight and retreats.

Arjuna after defeating Karna moves to attack Bheeshma.  Dussasana, Dussaha, Drona, Kripa and many more try to stop him but do not succeed. Bheeshma and Arjuna, both being very  skilled,  fight for a long time. Ultimately Arjuna succeeds in breaking Bheeshma's bow and inflict an injury. The charioteer notices that Bheeshma  is unconscious saves him by turning the chariot around and races away from the combat.

Duryodhana has no choice but to join. As he enters the fray he aims a sharp pointed arrow at Arjuna's forehead and draws blood. This infuriates Arjuna and he starts raining the most vicious arrows at Duryodhana. Vikarna attacks Arjuna at the same time riding on an elephant, but Arjuna splits the head of the elephant with a powerful arrow and it falls dead. Arjuna aims an equally powerful arrow at Duryodhana, and Duryodhana unable to bear the pain tries to retreat. Arjuna taunts him 'Why are you running away? We did not hear any superior power from above asking us to stop! I am still here, turn around and show me your face!'

Hurt by this taunt, Duryodhana returns. When Karna sees Duryodhana getting back to fight, he joins in support from the right, Bheeshma who has recovered also supports him from the rear and others, Drona, Kripa and many more surround Arjuna and rain arrows at him. He retaliates with some divine weapons and finally uses the 'Sammohana astra' at them and  follows it by the sounding  the conch. The kauravas are stunned by the astra and the sound of the conch which fills the sky and the earth and loose their consciousness.


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N S Mohan said...

Hi Nidhi uncle,

Yen samaachaara ?

The hotlink that you have sent has some problem.

I did later go to your blogspot directly & read the latest episode.

If you still have the habit of reading Kannada books, I would strongly recommend S L Bhairappa's Parva.

It is also on Mahabharatha and you might like the way he has treated the subject & analyzed each of the characters. It is also translated into English, but guess that the translation would not do justice to the original Kannada version.