Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Duryodhna dies a happy man! Mahabharata 169

When Krupa, Kritivarma and Aswhatthama arrive, Duryodhna is barely alive. He is struggling to breathe, blood is flowing out of his mouth and is soaking  the earth! Wild animals; fox, wolf and others have surrounded him and are trying to feed on his flesh. Duryodhana is chasing them away with great difficulty. Seeing his condition both Krupa and Ashwatthama feel terrible. Ashwatthama is still unable to accept that Duryodhana  is about to die.  'Maharaja! You are a disciple of Balarama and how could that evil helper of a cook manage to hit you? It is fate and we have no power over it! You were  unfairly hit below the waist and even kicked! How did Dharmaraja allow such a behaviour?  How can pandavas now face the world and claim victory without being ashamed?

'You are a khsatriya and will surely attain heaven, so I am not too worried about you! I am very distressed when I think of your father and mother who have lost all their children!  What will happen to them? I feel terrible to lose a master like you. You took such good care of us.   How can we three be still living while you are about to die? Shame on us! Maharaja, go and meet my father, offer my prayers and tell him that I have killed Dhrishtadhyumna. Also greet Saindhava, Bhurisravs and all the brave warriors in heaven.'

'I have  news which will please your ears. On the  other side, only the five pandavas, Krishna and Satyaki remain. Draupadi's children and sons of Dhristadhymna, remaining panchalas, matsyas are all destroyed! We entered their camp in the night and took our revenge. I killed Dhristadhyumna like one would kill an animal.' 

This news makes Duryodhana happy. He brightens up a little.  ' Neither Bheeshma nor your father could do what you, Krupa and Kritivarma accomplished. I am so happy to hear that Shikandi is dead! It is as if I have achieved the status of God Indra. I wish you well. Let us all meet in heaven!' and dies. The three depart overcome with grief, Krupa returns to HastinapuraKritivarma back to his city.  Ashwatthama goes to Vyasa's ashram on the banks of river Ganga.

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