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Drona accepts Duryodhana's request. Takes charge of Kaurava army. Mahabharta 144

Losing Bheeshma is a serious blow for kauravas. The army is now like a flock of sheep without a shepard. But Duryodhana has no thoughts of giving up. He is happy to see Karna, who has come to meet him after paying respects to Bheeshma and seeks advice on how to proceed. Karna is happy with whatever his leader Duryodhana decides!

Duryodhana speaks about the need to select the next chief of the army and seeks Karna's opinion. Karna says that there are many candidates, but choosing one may not please others who are equally qualified. He suggests guru Dronacharya as he is the teacher of many, senior and an eminent warrior.

Immediately, Duryodhana approaches Drona and tells him that he is the most qualified amongst them and requests him politely, to take charge of his army. 'If you agree to become the chief, we will all follow you.   Even if Arjuna spots you, he will not want to fight with you. We can then defeat the rest and thus Yudhisthira.'  On hearing this, the warriors raise victory slogans in approval. Drona accepts, 'Maharaja, it is a great honor to be asked to take the place of kurushresta Bheeshma. I like to acknowledge this by offering you a boon! What can I give you!'

Duryodhana consults Karna, Dusshyasana and others and asks, 'Acharya, I want you to capture Yudhisthira and bring him to us. This is our desire.'. Drona is surprised with the request and is happy that he was not asked to 'kill' Yudhisthira. 

Karna's choice of Drona  as the chief of the army, while sensible, is also a bit surprising. The fact that Drona refused to teach him because he was the son of a charioteer must have been festering in his mind, but he does let it cloud his judgement when Drona is the obvious choice to take over from Bheeshma.  Equally intriguing is the request from Duryodhana that Yudhisthira be captured and not killed!

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