Friday, 13 January 2012

Duryodhana performs an Yagna. Mahabharata 83

Duryodhana stops brooding and wishes to perform Rajasuya yaga. Karna is very enthusiastically supportive. 'All the kings are already under your control, all we have to do is to get the purohits to prepare for the yagna!'  The priests have a problem with that. 'As Yudhisthira and your father are both living, it will go against the shastras'. They give him an alternative. 'Vaishanva mahayagna is equal to Rajasuya. Let the kings contribute in the form of gold for the yagna. You can use this gold to make a plough to prepare the yagna bhumi'. Duryodhna agrees to the suggestion and preparations are made and invitations sent to the kings and brahmins.

As messengers leave to give invitations, Dussasana tells them 'Go and invite the पापि (wicked)  pandavas'. They go and invite Yudhisthira, who expresses his pleasure that an yagna is planned but says that they unable to attend as they are bound by their oath . Bheema is not too pleased with Yudhisthira's response, 'Tell them we will undertake a  रण (battle) yagna after thirteen years and throw you in the fire first!'. The rest of the pandavas maintain silence.

Duryodhana performed the yagna with a lot of enthusiasm, Vidura was given the responsibility to take care of the hospitality of the invitees and the event was a success. While most were pleased, there were some who thought that it was no match to the yaaga that was performed by Yudhisthira.

Karna congratulated his king and expressed a wish that 'It is my desire to be around  to serve you when you perform the rajasuya  after killing the pandavas'. Duryodhana enormously pleased embraces his friend and says 'It will happen, but I don't know when!' Karna on hearing this says 'Maharaja! I will not wash my feet till this happens. It is my oath!' The pandavas get to hear this oath and are worried!

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