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The debate continues in Dvaitavana. Visiting Mahabharata 72

Yudhisthira in reply analyses the nature of anger in detail and concludes that anger leads to destruction and says progress in the world comes through forgiveness. He tells Draupadi that all evolved souls believe in forgiveness and non-violence and he too chooses to adhere to this principle.

Draupadi counters with an argument that none of these qualities; dharma, ahimsa, forgiveness, kindness and uprightness, which he thought more important than life itself has not helped him! She says: 'I had heard that dharma protects us if we practice it. You have been a strict follower of dharma and even here in the forest you have not given it up. In spite of this, how is it you were drawn into gambling? How did you manage to loose your kingdom and even us? The world is not in  our control, it is the almighty Ishwara who controls the world. A man is helpless!  God does not take care of us with kindness like parents do! It seems  god is angry with us. If not why do good people suffer and the evil ones flourish? I feel like cursing god, when I think of our difficulties and the way Duryodhana thrives.'

Yudhisthira replies that he does not observe dharma expecting benefits and that it is his nature to follow dharma and that Draupadi is speaking against dharma because of her anger. Draupadi admits that it is her anguish that makes her say things, but is insistent that they cannot afford to be passive and resigned to fate as it will only lead  to unhappiness.

Bheema who has been listening to the conversation is exasperated and tries to convince Yudhisthira that as they were cheated, there is no justification in keeping quiet quoting dharma. He argues that forgiveness is mistakenly construed as a weakness by the kauravas. and urges that they wage a war, especially as they have the support of Krishna.

Yudhisthira is deeply hurt by this onslaught both by his wife and his brother, but still argues that it is better to accept the loss and wait for good times to come again. And declares that 'Dharma is dearer to me than all the wealth, fame, kingdom and even children. Nothing is equal to it!.

Bheema does not give up easily and argues that there is no guarantee that they would be alive after the twelve years of vanavasa! Even asks Yudhisthira with sarcasm whether he has a special deal with time to ensure they are alive till they recover their kingdom. Bheema adds that he is unable to sleep and Arjuna is just boiling within, while the rest of them, though unhappy are keeping quiet so as not to upset him. 

 The normally taciturn Bheema becomes eloquent! 'You are unnecessarily suffering in the name of forgiveness and dharma. Forgiveness suits a brahmin and not a khsatriya. I even wonder how you were born as a khsatriya! Your attempt to cover us under this wrap is like trying hide Himalayas with just one handful of grass. I just cannot imagine how we can hide under a disguise for another year after the vanavasa. It is like trying to hide the great Meru mountain! The kauravas will have so many spies; if discovered it will be a calamity. It is now thirteen months since we are in the forest, think it is thirteen years and lets us attack. If you so want, we can atone this lapse by offering nourishment to a bull. There is no better dharma for a khsatriya than waging a war.'

Yudhishira sighs despondently and then tells Bheema that he agrees with him and asks him to consider this: 'Those who commit a sin out of bravado will surely pay for their sins. Let us think deeply and then decide. In my opinion it is not the right time to attack, at the moment elders like Bheeshma and Drona are with them and most of the kings we defeated have aligned themselves with the kauravas. Duryodhana has also pleased them and has won them over to his side. You have to defeat Karna first before you are able to kill Duryodhana. Bheema, these thoughts are not letting me sleep as well.'
Bheema with no real answers to these words, chooses to go silent.

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