Sunday, 16 October 2011

Narada's visit. Visiting Mahabharata 53.

Yudhisthira rules by observing dharma, working for the common good and  without being partial. To him all were equal. Hence he had no enemies and was known as ajathashatru!. Thus there was peace in Indraprastha.

One day Narada arrived at the court of Yudhisthira. He is welcomed with reverence by Pandavas and Draupadi. Having heard about Mayasabha, he had come to see it. Yudhisthira was too happy to show Narada around and to see his reaction. Yudhisthira said: 'My lord, you have travelled in all the three worlds.  You must have seen many beautiful sabhas like the one I have. Can you tell me about them?'. Narada replies:'Yes. I have seen similar sabhas in other worlds. But let me assure you that your sabha is the best on the face of earth.' thus surely pleasing Yudhisthira .

Narada describes the other halls he has seen. He tells Yudhisthira that he saw the great king Harischandra sharing the throne with Indra. As he describes the court of Yama, he tells them about the many kings who were there, including Santanu and Pandu.

Yudhisthira goes silent for a while and then asks 'My lord, I notice from what you have said that most of the Kings are in the sabha of Yama and not Indra as I had imagined! My father was the purest of men. He was a saint among men. I want you to tell me the reason for this.'  Narada explains that only those who had performed Rajasuya Yaga would share the throne with Indra. And adds: 'I met your father. He said that my sons are now powerful on earth. If Yudhisthira performs a Rajasuya, I and my grandfather Santanu can go to Indraloka.'  and assures Yudhisthira that he could surely perform this difficult yaga with the help of his brothers and Krishna, blesses them and leaves.

Anyone tuned to our epics would be getting tense with this mixture of happines of mother Kunti, peace in Indraprastha and a visit by Narada. He is always there as per the wishes of  Narayana, read Krishna, to galvanise action which could often mean problems and trouble.

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