Sunday, 19 August 2007

Visiting Mahabharata ..18 Death of Pandu (revisited 2011)

Pandu spent fifteen happy years with his sons. (Kamala creates a pretty scene of Pandu getting enticed by spring and his beautiful wife Maadri.) Being alone with Maadri and overcome by desire, he takes her despite her struggle and resistance and falls down dead.

The scene now changes to one of despair and lamentation. Kunti looked on the face of Pandu. A beautiful smile lit up the face of the dead king. Kunti gave way to her grief. Maadri wanted her death with the husband who had to die because of her. "He wanted me" she said. "Before he was able to satisfy himself he died. I have to go to him and satisfy him. I must die with him".

As the rishis who had assembled there were unable to dissuade her, Maadri holding on to her resolve, climbs the funeral pyre. The sacred fire is lit by Yudhisthira, the eldest son. It is all over for them and Kunti and her five sons proceed to Hastinapura, the rightful home of the princes. A journey to the unknown had begun.
( Cannot be more dramatic than this. But surely relieved that the practice of  Sati is illegal.)

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